About us

Euromid Levante is a family business located in Spain and based on a half century of quality and mix of unbeatable products. Founded in a passion for the best products, combining the added value of the product and the philosophy of its great selection, which allows us to present a unique experience to the consumer.

Starting from that Food is life we   have opted not to sell anything that we would not consume in our homes, this requires us to respect delicate parameters to select our products that makes food a great adventure where the taste will be entwined with the taste and texture.


When we think about launching our Products, we feel the need of people to look for quality and at the same time exceptional products that enrich their food and allow them to enjoy daily. So we have stated that our mission starts from the first stage in the selection of our strategic partners, selecting the products and providing new typologies of design and presentation, all driven to meet this need.


All our products are based on the best methods that comply with European regulations. This allows us to achieve and improve our products to lead and satisfy our clients through our partners spread all over the world in the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.